Fearing The Search Engines Is Dumb – Stick To SEO

Right now you’re going to be able to search for just about anything you’d like online, and find that someone is afraid of it. In the marketing world, look at “Google Updates” and you’re going to run into a lot of bloggers that have stated they are in fear of the next big wave of change. The search engine shocked the internet marketing world with changes to their algorithm that completely stunned a lot of pages. If your site got hit hard, then you already know that there’s another thing looming in the horizon that could very well push you in the wrong direction overall. If you’re going to find yourself chasing the wind in terms of traffic, you are going to end up fearing the search engines eventually. It’s best not to fear things, but instead focus on building the best website you can, and focusing on real world SEO instead of the shenanigans that many people are advocating.
seoThe fear of search engine updates is not so much because they control everything, but rather they control the traffic that you get “organically”. There are other ways to get targeted traffic, however, and it’s rarely discussed in long term solutions. It’s with that in mind that you should consider a few elements of change that you shouldn’t fear, and instead fight to get yourself a place in a good region of the online world. As such, focus on the following pieces, and don’t fear search engine algorithmic penalties for change.
The Content Marketing Play
content marketingFirst and foremost, you should be working with a diverse array of marketing channels. There shouldn’t be a day that you don’t work with marketing in this format. Right now there are 15 to 20 different types of content that you could be working on and all of them will serve different purposes for your website. Focus on these and you will come out far and away ahead of the pack. You want to make sure that you’re able to gain credibility in a lot of arenas, and that’s something that is only going to happen if you publish content that is worth sharing, and pushing in the right direction. The content marketing issue is something that you are not going to be able to circumvent, and something that is definitely worth aligning yourself within.
Marketing as a whole lends itself well to content, but only if you are looking at tit in the right areas. It’s easy to get caught up with the wrong things and end up having to deal with a variety of issues that you’re not prepared for. It’s imperative that you focus on the content diversity play and publish as much content as you can across several different areas of the web. If you are diverse with your content, it won’t matter if you get indexed or not, you will build an audience that will be extremely loyal to your page.
The Link Generation Issue
Link GenerationIn the past the search engines diminished the power of links. Then they completely dumped a ton of sites, and now it’s back in play. If you want to get moving forward with link generation, go for it, just remember to find sites that are high quality and are going to help you rank better. If you focus on this in the correct manner, you’re going to gain leverage overall, but you have to concern yourself with the right solutions overall. It’s important that you do not focus on the wrong areas for links and don’t buy them straightway. Do not spend your money on link generation if the links aren’t going to be transparent and placed in high quality areas. It’s easy to buy links that get pushed into the wrong areas, so be very careful with this overall.
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Social Media Sharing
You want to go viral eventually, but don’t force it. Make sure that you’re sharing content on these pages and you’re working within the parameters that are going to give you a fighting chance of marketing. Social media marketing is not relegated to just one area of the web either, you want to go across several pages and ensure that your marketing collateral is going to push you to the right elements overall. Social media is not isolated to one site and shouldn’t be used as such. Focus on building a budget between yourself and users and you’ll gain leverage over time.
The aforementioned elements of marketing are all placed in proper channels moving forward. Always focus on them as a part of a larger scale solution, and don’t allow yourself to play with the search engine update fears that others are pushing. There’s nothing to fear, and if you end up placating search engines a great deal, you’ll end up in a pendulum swing of issues that you don’t want to end up dealing with. You want to focus on the right elements overall, and that’s something that you’re going to want to consider as you move forward within the world of marketing as a whole. Stick to SEO, slow moving link exchanges, and other elements that take time to build on, and you’ll gain credibility guaranteed.